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Rogue Bunnies Press Release Collaboration

Rogue Bunnies Press Release Collaboration


Press Release from the Exciting Rogue Bunnies and Founder and Artist Victoria Fuller

May 15, 2024

Series 3 pairs Dutch Bihary's artistry with blockchain to create NFTs that are cultural icons. These cards celebrate empowerment and creativity, actively engaging our global community.— Victoria Fuller

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 14, 2024 -- This month sees the exciting release of the Series 3 Rogue Bunnies NFT trading cards, a collection set to push the boundaries of digital art and collectability. This series, led by innovative artist Victoria Fuller, celebrates women's empowerment and entrepreneurial spirit through beautifully crafted digital artwork. Victoria Fuller remarks, "Series 3 is not just about continuing our commitment to changing how women are portrayed in digital media; it's about enhancing our global community. This series marries art, culture, and technology in a way that is uniquely compelling for our collectors. Our community of collectors enjoy the utility of exclusive access to engage with their favorite Bunnies like never before."

What's New in Series 3:

Distinctive Artwork: Created in collaboration with the renowned artist Dutch Bihary, known for his distinctive work on 'Ink Master,' each NFT is a digitally hand-painted masterpiece. These artworks elegantly capture the allure and charm of iconic figures, focusing on style and sophistication rather than nudity.

This series features:

Echo Johnson, Miss January 1993

Charis Boyle, Miss February 2003

Nikki Leigh, Miss May 2012

Stephanie Heinrich, Miss October 2001

Christine Smith, Miss December 2005

Tishara Cousino, Miss May 1999

Kimberly Phillips, Miss September 2009

Yevgeniya Pechlaner, Miss March 2016 from Czech Republic (International)

Olga Loera, Miss September 2017 from Mexico (International)

Global Expansion: The collection has grown with the addition of seven new and two international Rogue Bunnies, expanding the series' cultural horizons.

Collectible Accessibility: Cards are offered in various tiers, starting at $20 for a base pack, allowing enthusiasts and collectors at all levels to engage.

The Rogue Bunnies Experience: Those who have attended any Rogue Bunnies events over the past year experienced more than just gatherings; they witnessed the live behind-the-scenes production of the Rogue Bunnies Mayhem Podcast. Launched in April 2023, this podcast takes listeners on a journey inside the Playboy lifestyle of the mansion's glory days. Hosted by Brian Olea, former Guest Services Manager at the Playboy Mansion, and Jennifer Pershing, Playboy’s Miss March 2009, the podcast features a rotating cast of Rogue Bunnies and Playboy insiders, providing unparalleled insights into a bygone era of iconic glamour and intrigue.

Disclaimer: The Rogue Bunnies have no official affiliation with Playboy.

Mansion Moments: The latest thrilling addition to the Rogue Bunnies trading card collection debuts in Series 3, launching on May 20th, 2024. These Super Rare collectible cards showcase images and videos highlighting the Mansion's distinctive features and unique experiences, offering fans a unique glimpse into its historic ambiance. Collectors of these cards may find themselves ideally positioned as Rogue Bunnies plans for a new mansion experience, promising to recreate the spirit and luxury of this iconic heritage in an exciting, modern context.

Pre-Order Exclusive: Individuals who pre-order Series 3 by May 20th will receive a complimentary Series 1 pack, available while supplies last. Additionally, those who pre-order will be eligible to enter a drawing for a unique Rogue Bunny leather jacket, valued at $10,000, designed by the world-famous West Coast Leather. This exclusive jacket is a one-of-a-kind luxury item and will be awarded to one lucky winner. Each purchase provides an entry to win this distinctive piece. This promotion rewards our earliest and most dedicated supporters, offering them a rare opportunity to expand their collections with valuable pieces from the initial series.

Skip Pas, owner and designer of West Coast Leather, reflects on the collaboration: "Victoria and I have a long history of collaborating on leather fashion masterpieces for Playboy, and now we are excited to introduce a new Limited-Edition Leather exclusively for Rogue Bunnies." Pas, the designer and founder of the San Francisco-based West Coast Leather, is celebrating 21 years in leather fashion design, bringing expertise and creativity to this unique project.

Exclusive Community Benefits: Epic and Legendary cardholders will enjoy VIP access to our Discord community and invitations to exclusive events, including real-life metaverse events and international art showcases.

About Discord: Discord is a digital platform that enables real-time communication through voice, video, and text chats. It's widely used in the gaming and technology communities as a hub for discussions, collaborations, and event coordination. For the Rogue Bunnies community, Discord is a vibrant meeting place where collectors, fans, and creators can connect, share experiences, and participate in exclusive events. This interactive environment allows for deeper engagement and a more personal connection with the Rogue Bunnies brand.

About Victoria Fuller: Victoria Fuller, Miss January 1996, has evolved her artistic pursuits into a revolutionary role in the NFT space with Rogue Bunnies. Her initiative, supported by a community of Playboy Playmates, promotes independence and innovation in the digital era.

About Rogue Bunnies: Rogue Bunnies is an innovative project that utilizes blockchain technology to develop a decentralized platform for digital collectibles. Initiated by Victoria Fuller, the project aims to empower women and build a vibrant community of art aficionados and tech enthusiasts, evolving the legacy Playmate brand closer to the original vision of the late Hugh Hefner, offering an alternative collectable that also gives another level of engagement with the Bunnies

For more information or to secure your NFTs, please visit the Rogue Bunnies Marketplace via
Victoria Fuller
Rogue Bunnies
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Charis Boyle, Miss February 2003
Charis Boyle, Miss February 2003
Echo Johnson, Miss January 1993
Echo Johnson, Miss January 1993
Nikki Leigh, Miss May 2012
Nikki Leigh, Miss May 2012
Rogue Bunnies
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