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Introducting the Baby Boomer Jacket Collection

Introducting the Baby Boomer Jacket Collection


Letter from the President Mike Nelson Former Sargent of the US Marine Corp during the Vietnam War. 

The Boomer story is inside every jacket on the beautiful bridal satin lining. 

Story: Three Boomers and a Jacket - Mike, Glenn, and Skip 

"We the Boomers." 

A Company 

Article 1: Of the Boomers

Article 2: By the Boomers

Article 3: For the Boomers

Like the US Constitutional 

We the Boomers want you:

To wear your BOOMERJACKET proudly! 

We mean Business 

Different jackets and Different colors



*vegan leather

* natural shearling removeable collars




In WWII, the world's "Greatest Generation" proudly wore their "Bomber Jackets" in the defense of freedom.  Because of their sacrifices the world remained free.  Today, over seven decades later, the world's "Second Greatest Generation" have their own jacket: The "BOOMERJACKET," commemorating the "Baby Boomer Generation."

Your jacket makes this statement:

"My generation is unique, never to be repeated." There are an estimated 76 million men and women born in the United States, beginning in the year 1946, and ending in the year 1964.  This span of eighteen years is symbolized by the eighteen stars inside all of the BOOMER JACKET Emblems.

Wear Your It Proudly.

BOOMERJACKET TARGET AUDIENCE. # BabyBoomerGeneration #BoomerMilitaryVeterans #BoomerExecutives #BoomerCelebrities #BoomerMotorcycleRiders #BoomerAircraftPilots #BoomerFlightSimulatorFans #GiftGivers #AdditionalMilitaryInsignia #History #Pride #Accomplishment #UnitedStatesCoastGuard #USAirForce #UnitedStatesNavy #UnitedStatesArmy #DepartmentoftheNavy #UnitedStatesMarineCorps

There are four living Boomer Presidents who could be presented with a Special Presidential BoomerJacket. 

The Legacy - Official BOOMERJACKET - 1946 to 1964.

Baby Boomer Generation. United States.


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